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Valuable information that will help you sell your home today!

Selling a home can be difficult. Many people today will not qualify for a home loan because of less-than-perfect credit or because their “debt ratios” are too high. As a home seller who offers owner financing, you are opening the door for a larger number of prospective home buyers who would not normally qualify.

Owner financing real estate can be a powerful tool to get real estate transactions closed. For the owner, it potentially allows her to benefit from a long-term cash flow stream, while deferring capital gains tax. In turn, buyers receive alternative financing that may be more affordable or more flexible than bank financing.

If you advertise your property for sale as an owner financed home, you will double the amount of interest in your home. This also applies to owner financed land.

Platinum Note Investors can help you sell your home faster by teaching you how to easily offer Owner Financing for your home. If you agree to this excellent and innovative sales method, we will be able to purchase your newly created note within three months after your home is sold.

Should you have any questions on how you can sell your home faster and receive all of your money now, then don’t hesitate to call us today. It will only take a few brief minutes to discuss the many ways we can work together to help you get cash now from the sale of your home.